Fans respond to PG’s comments after Thunder beat Pacers

By TYLER SMITH (@TylerSmith_ISL)
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After covering Paul George for several seasons, I grew accustomed to his post-game comments.  He has always spoken his mind, which is appreciated.  At times, however, his words can leave a bad taste in the mouths of fans or teammates.

I do feel he simply gets misunderstood on occasion.  Fans have taken his words out of context many times.  But when you’re as careless with your comments as PG, it’s no wonder why so many respond the way they do.

Since being traded to Oklahoma City, Paul George has seemingly taken some shots at the Pacers.  He’s made comments about small markets and the difference between OKC and Indy in that regard.  That leads us to his post-game comments after the Thunder beat the Pacers on Wednesday night:

You be the judge on what he meant.  Was he referring to not having many off-nights in his career?  Was he just being nonchalant and didn’t know what else to say?  Or, did he mean what he said, throwing some former teammates under the bus?

Here were some of the responses I received on Twitter after tweeting Paul’s quote:

-“If you’re wondering why Pacer fans are bitter towards Paul George.. this is why.”  -@andrewpotter58

-“Throwing an organization under the bus is one thing. Throwing every former teammate under the bus is a big no no.” -@seeking6

-“Not sure if it was a shot.  Even if it was, only a 38% chance he’d hit it, and then complain when no one else got it.” -@whoosierhehman

-“Seriously couldn’t despise this guy more if I tried.” -@Brigette912

-“Paul we appreciate what you did in Indy, but please stop taking shots. Sounds like you want to get booed really bad.” -@pavelbure1

-“George Hill, Lance Stephenson, David West, and Roy Hibbert have something to say about this.”  -@INDPacerNation

-“Brooo.. You just don’t get it do you?”  -@tecoop18

-“Officially makes it clear that the Pacers got the better end of that deal. Good riddance, PG13.” -@TDSnathanbrown

-“Such a Paul George quote. Literally despise this guy.” -@CoachAdragna

-“I’m sorry PG.  I couldn’t hear you over the sound of Danny Granger rolling his eyes.” -@RealFoxD

I think a lot of fans are ready to move on from Paul George, but certain comments can re-open the wounds.   In fairness, Paul George didn’t have much help in his final few seasons in Indiana.  After building a great team years ago, Larry Bird really dropped the ball in his last few years.   At the same time, PG makes it sound like he’s been all alone for the last seven years, and that’s what struck a cord the most with the fans.

I still hope fans will appreciate what Paul George did in Indiana.  He brought a lot of great memories to the city.  He was a huge part of two conference finals runs.  And he helped keep the Pacers relevant for a long time.

But now, the focus has to be on the present and the future.  Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis have had great starts to their Pacers career.  It looks like Kevin Pritchard made a solid deal, especially with the hand he was dealt.  Hopefully Paul George and the Pacer fans can move on, at least until PG returns to Indy on December 13th.

AP Game Story, by Indy Sports Legends Founder Cliff Brunt-

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