40 reasons Christina’s 40th should be celebrated

Christina with the kids.

By CLIFF BRUNT ISL Founder I am sorry this is so long, but when you figure out what I’m doing, you will understand. For Christina’s 40th birthday (June 26), I’ve highlighted 40 instances in the 23-plus years I’ve known her where she sacrificed, made someone happy, helped someone or motivated someone else to serve or […]

ISL ranks the top 10 Purdue running backs ever

Mike Alstott. From Purdue Athletics.

By CLIFF BRUNT ISL Editor Over the years, running backs often have been overlooked at Purdue, barely visible beneath the gigantic shadows of the school’s big-name passers. Not on this page. With input from our staff and outside experts, Indy Sports Legends offers a countdown of the top 10 Boilermaker ballcarriers ever. It is a […]

Brunt: What I’ve learned since my Associated Press job was eliminated

Cliff Brunt, ISL Founder

Founder’s note: After being laid off in 2012, I was re-hired by The Associated Press in Jan. 2014 as a sports writer in Oklahoma City. As a result, I’ll add an 11th thing to this list: Never burn bridges. I faithfully worked as a freelancer for The AP during the layoff and kept in touch […]

ISL countdown: Top 10 all-time Purdue receivers

Tim Stratton won the Mackey Award in 2000 as the nation's best tight end. Photo from Purdue Athletics Communications.

By CLIFF BRUNT ISL Editor For years, Purdue has been known as the Cradle of Quarterbacks. It’s perhaps the title Purdue football fans are most proud of, along with 1967 Rose Bowl champions and 2000 Big Ten champions. But for every Drew Brees, Len Dawson, Mike Phipps, Bob Griese, Gary Danielson, Bob DeMoss, Curtis Painter, […]

ISL’s 10 favorite all-time WWE/WCW wrestling entrance themes

Chris Jericho applies the "Walls of Jericho" on Daniel Bryan at SmackDown in Indianapolis. Photo by Justin Whitaker.

By CLIFF BRUNT ISL Editor This is the second of my professional wrestling lists – my 10 favorite wrestling entrance theme songs. Because everyone’s tastes are different, your list might be much different than mine. That’s OK – I just want to start conversation and take you down memory lane. Theme songs set the tone for what’s […]

My top 10 white Indiana Pacers of the Larry Bird era

By CLIFF BRUNT ISL Editor As a black man, I was fascinated by the overwhelmingly negative response on Twitter to Indiana’s selection of Miles Plumlee. Many of them, from my Caucasian brethren, focused on the untrue belief that outgoing team president Larry Bird had once again found a slow, unathletic white guy to add to […]

Behind the scenes, Month of May 2012 (Indy 500)

By CLIFF BRUNT, ISL Editor I have compiled some of my favorite photos from the Month of May at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Some are of cars, others of celebrities and others are of the festivities from the victory banquet. Enjoy, and click the blue link on each page to move to the next photo.   […]

My 10 favorite stadium shots

Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Mo.

By CLIFF BRUNT ISL Editor Hello, again! Several years ago during my run as an AP Sports Writer, I started a tradition of taking photos of the sports venues I attended. After a while, I got quite a collection. Each time I look at these photos, memories come back. Some are because the photo is […]

ISL’s best pro wrestling finishing moves ever (ok, since 1982)

Orton celebrates his win over Alberto Del Rio at Smackdown in Indianapolis.

By CLIFF BRUNT ISL Editor Ok, wrestling fans. Have you ever been in a packed arena when THE wrestler is about to hit THE move and everybody’s on their feet? There are few thrills like it in sports or entertainment. That’s one of the reasons wrestling has remained popular through the generations – the anticipation of, and the delivery […]